All you need to know about wired and wireless access control solutions


The development and the demand of wireless access control is on the rise as more people are looking for locking solutions that offer high security while allowing for flexibility and the convenience of digital technology. ASSA ABLOY offers a wide range of wireless access control solutions that suit your security and environmental requirements for various sectors such as commercial, hospitality as well as industrial.

Wired access control solutions often call for intensive labour such as drilling in walls, which can be difficult, costly and time consuming. However, with wireless access control solutions you will not have to worry about excessive labour cost, damage and noise that comes with drilling as wireless solutions are designed for retrofitting in existing buildings without the need for drilling. ASSA ABLOY’s wireless locking solution, Aperio®, uses wireless communication between an Aperio® lock and a hub to connect to an access control system. The system is powered by battery so no need for electric cabling either.  Aperio® is designed to complement an existing access control system linking an online electronic system with an Aperio® enabled electromechanical lock.

Aperio® offers a wide range of wireless access control solutions which offer high security, decreased energy costs and reduced maintenance costs. Aperio® solutions are an easy way to upgrade your security as they’re compatible with your existing system. Aperio® offers solutions in different product styles, ranging from knob cylinders, escutcheons and door handles.

The wireless access control solutions from ASSA ABLOY provide its users with a simple and intelligent way to upgrade their security. Allowing for an easy and quick system to control access without the hassles that come with traditional electronic access control.

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